QOTD: Fraudulent Case Count?

Do you see how sneaky they are with the case counts and the jab?

Unvaxinated means that you are either unvaxinated, or vaxinated with 1 dose within 14 days (which means you are partially vaxinated – technically). If you ate a steak, just because it wasn’t digested yet and no nutrients were yet extracted into your body, doesn’t mean you didn’t eat it. Either you ingested it or you didn’t.

Partial means that you are 14 days past 1st dose or within 14 days of a 2nd dose

Fully vaxinated means you are beyond 14 days after a 2nd dose

THEREFORE, when the Alberta government is counting “unvaxinated” cases, this INCLUDES people who actually HAVE been vaxinated.

QUESTION: Why doesn’t the government put everyone who has had a jab enter their body ALL listed under “partial” unless beyond the 14 days after the 2nd dose?!

Is it to inflate the “unvaxinated” case count ???

Hey, Alberta – When are we going to start counting death and injury case counts?

I’ll leave this right here… Look at the “complete” who are positive and/or in ICU… Either you’re picking up what I’m putting down, or you’re not…

As of Aug 18, 2021

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