QOTD: Family Math

You are a family of 4. There are two parents and two children. You have one slice to last you for today. You will cut that slice of bread into 4 pieces so that everyone can have something to eat.

But, wait! There is a family of 6 who is hungry and has nothing to eat.

QUESTION: Do you take the last slice of bread and give it to the family of 6, or do you take care of your family first, while hoping that tomorrow you will be in a better position to help?

BACKGROUND: I ask the question because Canada is in a huge crisis, exacerbated by this plandemic. Millions of Canadians are unemployed. While Canada should be focused on taking care of our own home, Justin Un-Truedeau is pushing full steam ahead with his illogical, irrational, ideological, idiotic immigration goals… Hang on, Canada. The struggle is certainly about to get more real!