QOTD: False Positive Pregnancy Tests

If 21,069 women took a pregnancy test and 1879 tests came back positive for a pregnancy, but 900 of those results were a false positive, should that brand of pregnancy test be used or even trusted?

If you’re lactose intolerant – or let’s make it a bit more trivial – you’re vegan – and you order a coffee and substitute the cream with almond milk. Imagine that 5 times out of 50 times that you’ve ordered, they used real cream, how much would you trust them? (A lactose intolerant person would become physically ill, while a vegan probably wouldn’t know…) But imagine a vegan finding out after-the-fact that you’ve ingested animal product. Would you go back and trust them to make you ANYTHING? Even ONCE

If you ordered from Amazon 10 times, and 5 times, they send you the wrong order, how much would you trust to purchase from them?

Use this same logic with covid testing. The PCR and rapid tests KNOWINGLY provide false positives the higher the amplification. Since the media and our politicians won’t make it CLEAR that many of these results are inaccurate, just think about the above analogy. 21,069 people in Alberta were tested yesterday (Dec 04, 2020) and 1879 were told that their results are positive. Alberta also uses PCR testing that AMPLIFIES the results SO HIGH that the error rate of a false positive is also high! There is no conspiracy theory here. Read the facts!