QOTD: Fainting Nurse Died?

Did Tiffany Pontes Dover die or not? Why has she not put the rumors to rest from her OWN mouth? What do you think happened to her???

Tiffany Pontes Dover,

I try not to throw around unfounded rumours, but this one is getting weirder by the day.

For the past few days, it’s been reported that the nurse has passed away after taking the experimental covid 19 vaccine. The world saw how she fainted while being interviewed.

I don’t have FB or IG anymore, but some who do states that she has been silent and has yet to post that she is OK – insteat, the *Hospital* released a statement that she is fine and well… Something doesn’t smell right…

Neither Tiffany nor her family can’t speak for themselves?

Praying that she is OK, but I’m just putting this post up so that I can revisit in a few weeks to see how far this story has progressed (or not).

Weird that there is a death report and lists relatives names

Stay tuned… This may become a future “5Alive.”

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