QOTD: Endless Supply of Sheep

Who are the science-deniers now?

They’re the ones who screamed and writhed in apparent pain for us to get vaccinated, now those very people are too scared to take off their mask…

As I walked through the mall on the 1st day of restrictions being lifted, I observed approx 70% of the spineless kept their faces in bondage, despite the REAL science that states that masks are ineffecitve due to the particles being smaller than the mask fibers. If you think a chain-linked fence can keep out mosquitos, then… well, I can’t help stupid.

Yet, here we are, intermingled with the intellectually lazy who are afraid of catching a flu, yet they are packed into a mall; A mall filled with breathing beings. But their masks (not the vaccine) will save them, right?

If you’re truly scared, why wouldn’t you just stay home?

Happy Chinada Day!