QOTD: Disabled Comments

Why do YOU think comments and dislikes have been disabled on big tech platforms?

Seriously, my favourite thing to do when ridiculously uphauling, laughable articles pop up is to go STRAIGHT to the comments section. You too, right?! Ha!

One of the best ways to gauge of the court of public opinion is to view the like, dislike and comments section.

With many mainstream platform removing this feature, it feels like we are slowly being reduced to echo chambers of like-minded individuals… which is why, as sickening as it makes me feel, I will check my sanity again Global News or CNN. If the article is borderline insanity, then I know I’m ok.

My latest fav is Canadian deer testing positive for the rona. Just when you thought you heard it all..

Anti-mask deer spreads Doe-Rona-19

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