QOTD: Diet Advice from the Obese?

Maybe you would ask an obese person for diet advice, but would you ask them for advice on how to KEEP the weight OFF?

Now, hold on just a minute! Before you start accusing me of fat-shaming, I have a point!

There are obese people who have health conditions – that’s not who I’m speaking about here.

I am speaking about obese people who have tried every diet under the sun. They certainly can share their experiences with each diet they’ve tried, but have yet to find a lasting solution. They can’t enlighten you on the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off! Sorry.

The point I’m trying to make is that many people go to the wrong people for advice.

Many white people are asking liberal-minded individuals about how to be better in society and how to “not” be racist. The trouble is that those liberals are themselves racist. They have absolutely no right to teach any other white person about “privilege” or racism. They say that being white means you need to recognize your white privilege. So, in simple terms, because of YOUR SKIN COLOUR, you are reduced to a racist, white-supremacist, colonizer. They also believe that because of OUR SKIN COLOUR, every black person should believe the same thing. That, my friend, is the very definition of racism.

Why would you ask a racist how to not be racist? And the very fact that you are concerned with not being racist likely means that you’re on the right track – you just need to find a non-Liberal to help you shed the guilt of your forefathers.


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