QOTD: Defund Unions?

Is it time to defund unions? With the role of labour laws, are they even relevant anymore?

The trend seems to be that Teachers unions and health care unions…unions in general are all about self preservation. They seem to also help the laziest, entitled, most tenured employees.

I worked within the privatized sector for 2 decades. I started working in the public sector for the past 2 years. I will never forget, prior to the Alberta election, the union began inundating the staff with reasons to vote for NDP…

WHY was I FORCED to pay union dues to a union who force their opinion and political views on me? And I won’t even go into the structure of how the workplace is set up. I’ll do that in another post, perhaps

I, personally, say YES! DEFUND THE UNIONS! They are LESS valuable than law enforcement! Let’s trade! Keep the police and defund all unions!