QOTD: Deerfoot Virus Vaccine?

I was thinking about the Deerfoot vaccine that was just released by Murderna. It made me think about the odds of dying in an accident due to driving on the Deerfoot Trail in Calgary. I began to think of my odds of dying on Deerfoot versus dying of covid. Considering that covid has an overall 99.98% survival rate, it’s easy to see that I am more likely to be hospitalized or die from the Deerfoot Trail virus. I should take the Deerfoot vaccine.

If I get the Deerfoot vaccine, I am sure that most doctors would approve!

The Deerfoot vaccine will NOT
#1. Prevent me from being involved in an accident
#2. Prevent hospitalization, should I be involved in an accident
#3. Prevent me from dying from any injuries

But, medical experts and doctors will recommend that I take it. Politicians and the pharmaceutical companies will say that it’s safe and effective, and my job will mandate that I get it in order to be allowed to drive to work.

I heard a rumor that some doctors who have been censored and demonized as anti-vaxxers are warning people NOT to take the Deerfoot vaccine. They say that not only is it completely useless in preventing me from being involved in an accident, getting hospitalized or dying, but it could actually make me CAUSE an accident! But GLobal, CBC and CTV say that they are lying conspiracy theorists. We should be able to believe the mainstream media. Why would they lie to us!

These censored doctors are saying that the vaccine could cause me to have clood clots or a stroke. They said the vaccine can even cause myocarditis or pericarditis which is permanent damage to the heart!

I see all these people who took the Deerfoot vaccine, but they are STILL getting in accidents and being hospitalized and even dying… I am so confused.

But, hey, the doctors and the government are encouraging it, and I don’t want to lose my job. So, I will take this vaccine that won’t stop me from getting into an accident; wont stop me from being hospitalized, and it definitely won’t stop me from dying – but it CAN be the cause of my accident… But I don’t like fighting for my rights or thinking for myself…and I’m afraid of my own shadow.

“Deerfoot Trail is closed today after a driver loses control of their vehicle. Witnesses say the driver clutched their chest before becoming unconscious and slamming into the Deerfoot Trail median. The driver suffered a heart attack. We don’t know the cause, but we do know that it wasn’t the vaccine.

In other news, a 13 year old collapses and dies suddenly at soccer practice. The cause of death is unknown, but we do know that it wasn’t the vaccine.