QOTD: Death of The Free World?

Did we just watch the death of democracy? Did we just witness the leader of the free world being overthrown by internal traitors?

I couldn’t even post yesterday… I still feel sick to my stomach… It doesn’t even feel like this is real life.

I am sad for the hundreds of people who signed affidavits regarding election fraud; their lives being thrown into turmoil, when all they were trying to do was tell the truth of the fraud that they witnessed. Many lost their jobs, or were threatened, or had to move. Jovan Pulitzer was shot at! But, did they put their lives on the line in vain?

There’s a part of me that wants to believe that it’s not over yet and the truth will come out and bad people will be jailed, and Trump will be re-instated… Anyone who listened to hours of testimony and watched the fraud videos knows the truth. The truth is that the election was stolen, but will the military get it back? Is there another Trump “card” lying in wait? Who knows. But what I do know is that we need to mentally prepare for tough times going forward. We can expect wars, famines, earthquakes, death…but it all ends with REUNITING WITH CHRIST, which is the best part to look forward to! We don’t have to be afraid. So, thank God for that.

If you don’t understand and want more info about Jesus Christ, please don’t hesitate to email me at minetocontrol@protonmail.com

The bible tells us about a one world government that will arise in the end times in Revelations 13:7,8. The Great Reset sounds a lot like what the bible describes. Revelations 13:16-18 talks about the mark of the beast, that no man can buy or sell without it.

The bible tells us a lot about what to expect, and I suggest reading Matthew 24:3-14 as a starting point.

More importantly, now is the time to be praying and reading the word and helping to bring others to the knowledge of Christ.

I guess it had to happen this way to wake us all up.
Wake up, truth-seekers.
Wake up.