QOTD: Dear Fellow Black People

When will you finally become tired of these politicians using our skin colour to promote division?

Why are we allowing them to treat us like we’re victims?

Why aren’t more of us standing up to reject this narrative?

Why are we all collectively seen as “marginalized” when we are hard-working and successful?

Why are we all perceived to be disenfranchised when many of us were grown to know that ‘by the sweat of our brow, we eat.”?



Yes, maybe we have faced racism at least once in our lives, but that’s no reason to play the victims for the rest of it! There is nothing that can be said to justify this sudden rise in what I call FAKE black supremacy.

Politicians will use us for as long as they can push their agenda, but I hope you know that when they’re done, we’ll be the first ones terminated. Print screen this and keep it for the future – and don’t say you weren’t warned!

The Gates of hell are testing on Africa (not testing on Animals). Then when a vaccine is created, they send out a memo to make sure to *give it to blacks first*! Why? Because blacks are (supposedly) disproportionately affected by the virus… Blacks are disenfranchised…blacks need our help… blah, blah, blah. STUPID NEGROES – feeling all special and elevated right now – until the population control begins… Wait for it…

Thanks to the ignorant niggaz, negroes, niggers,… we all have to bear the shame of our skin. But every chance I get, I try to educate all those around me – both white and black – that there are hard-working, black intellectuals like me who refuse to play the victim and will die before asking for a hand-out!