QOTD: Daily Supplements for Health?

Do you ever wonder why no public health official speaks about vitamins, minerals, exercise and a healthy diet? They won’t, so let me help!

Here is a list of things that I do and have yet to be sick since 2019, or was able to hit the sniffles so quick that it left in the same day.


  1. Vitamin C – 5000mg (go up by 1000 per week until you get up to 10,000 per day. If you experience bowel issues, reduce dosage slightly. 
       AKA Abscorbic acid/Sodium ascorbate
  2. Vitamin D – 5000 iu per day (or 15-20min of sun per day
  3. Quercetin – 1000mg (I will only take this when I get sick for real.)
  4. Zinc – 100mg
  5. Magnesium – 500 Mg
  6. Selenium – 200 micrograms
  7. Vitamin B9 (methylfolate)
  8. B12 (Methylcobalmine) (repair/rebuild heart tissue)
  9. Quinine1 Tbsp Made a batch of quinine on standby for when the inevitable happens and I get sick for real. Still waiting.)

If you feel cold symptoms coming on, it’s important to hit them quickly within the first nose drip or throat tingle.

Remember to also REDUCE INTAKE OF INFLAMMATORY FOODS so that your body can focus on fighting the virus, rather than processing junk.

  • Drink a large glass of water with your vitamin/mineral supplements
  • Reduce inflammatory food intake during this time
  • Open windows for constant flow of FRESH AIR. For health’s sake do NOT wear a mask!
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Steam with eucalyptus/mint or hot showers
  • Eat a better diet! Easiest way to start is to cut out pastries and eat more green veges.
  • Exercise once you have recovered! Get a system going that works for you. Go walk at a rally at least once per week! Doctors orders! 🙂 JK.

For those who succumbed to Jab: Apple Pectin Powder @ 700 mg, twice per day

As always, consult with a trusted health/medical/nutrition professional. Good healthcare professionals are very easy to find nowadays – basically anyone who is either advising AGAINST taking the jab, or recommending that you WAIT – that is a wise “professional”. Any of them recommending that you take the jab, smile, tell them to have a great day and LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. That person is either evil or a fool.