QOTD: Cultural Appropriation?

What is cultural appropriation?

And another question – when are liberals going to stop making up words that they think sound smart?

I’ll make this rant quick! Bear with me for 2 short paragraphs and see the pics below.

I like to wrap my hair in scarves, mostly because I don’t have time to do my hair.
A white woman asked me if she was allowed to wear a scarf, too. I asked her why she was asking my permission. She said that she was afraid to offend me. This is where we are in society, where even fashion is being assigned to a certain group.

So, my understanding is that cultural appropriation is something that one cultural group has some phantom patent for that no one else is allowed to do. BUT – as usual, when the tables are turned, the hypocrisy shines brighter than the sun. Case and point:

The person complaining about this white girl with braids:

Looks like this:

See the hypocrisy???

These people need to stop it. Stop it right now.