QOTD: Covid Billionaires

Do you want to see how profitable FEAR is? Check out the 50 new Billionaires below:

Pharmaceutical companies, owners of covid and viru$ patents are rolling in the dough. Yes, covid 19 is real, but once upon a time there was covid 18, 17, 16…and the year before…and the year before that! The flu is not new! The only thing that has changed is the LOSS OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS while the elites laugh at the successful fear tactic.

Great article from the Daily Mail that shows how many of the healthcare professionals that are profiting from this virus plan-demic. Imagine, the country where the virus originated has amassed the most new billionaires; Profiting by creating the PROBLEM and “SOLUTION.”

COVID-19 produces 50 new billionaires with 28 of those being from China  

According to Forbes, there are 10 notable new healthcare leaders who have claimed the billionaire status: 

1. Uğur Şahin, of Germany – Net Worth: $4.2billion

2.  Stéphane Bancel, of France – Net worth: $4.1billion

3. Yuan Liping, of Canada – Net worth: $4.1billion

4. Hu Kun, of China – Net worth: $3.9billion

5. Carl Hansen, of Canada – Net worth: $2.9billion

6. Timothy Springer, of the US – Net worth: $2billion

7. Sergio Stevanato, of Italy – Net worth: $1.8billion

8. Robert Langer, of the US – Net worth: $1.5billion

9. Premchand Godha, of India – Net worth: $1.4billion

10. August Troendle, of the US – Net worth: $1.3billion

Forbes reported an additional 40 new billionaires coming out of the healthcare industry amid the 2020 pandemic. They are as follows: 

11. Li Juanquan & family, of China – Net worth: $7.9billion

12. Jian Jun, of China – Net worth: $4.4billion

13. Ye Xiaoping, of China – Net worth: $4.2billion

14. Hao Hong, of the US – Net worth: $3.4billion 

15. Jin Lei, of China – Net worth: $3.2billion 

16. Liu Fangyi, of China – Net worth: $3.2billion

17. Lv Jianming, of China – Net worth: $3.1billion

18. Gan Zhongru, of China – Net worth: $2.8billion

19. Weng Xianding, of China – Net worth: $2.8billion

20. Chen Xiao Ying, of China – Net worth: $2.7billion

21. Xie Juhua & family, of China – Net worth: $2.6billion

22. Dai Lizhong, of China – Net worth: $2.5billion 

23. Miao Yongjun, of China – Net worth: $2.5billion

24. Hu Gengxi & family, of China – Net worth: $2.3billion 

25. Li Zhibiao, of China – Net worth: $2.3billion 

26. Lin Zhixiong & family, of China – Net worth: $2.1billion 

27. Alberto Siccardi & family, of Switzerland – Net worth: $2.1billion

28. Gao Yi & family, of China – Net worth: $2billion 

29. Lin Zhijun, of China – Net worth: $2billion 

30. Xie Liangzhi & family, of China – Net worth: $2billion 

31. Chen Baohua, of China – Net worth: $1.8billion

32. Zhu Yiwen & family, of China – Net worth: $1.8billion

33. Li Wenmei & family, of China – Net worth: $1.7billion

34. Lin Jie & family, of China – Net worth: $1.7billion

35. Liu Xiucai & family, of the US – Net worth: $1.6billion

36. Pu Zhongjie & family, of China – Net worth: $1.6billion 

37. Rao Wei & family, of China – Net worth: $1.6billion 

38. Ren Jinsheng & family, of China – Net worth: $1.6billion

39. Xiong Jun & family, of China – Net worth: $1.5billion 

40. Yi Xianzhong & family, of China – Net worth: $1.5billion 

41. Felix Baker, of the US – Net worth: $1.4billion

42. Julian Baker, of the US – Net worth: $1.4billion  

43. Rajendra Agarwal, of India – Net worth: $1.3billion

44. Banwarilal Bawri, of India – Net worth: $1.3billion 

45. Girdharilal Bawri, of India – Net worth: $1.3billion 

46. Benedicte Find, of Denmark – Net worth: $1.3billion

47. Alan Miller & family, of the US – Net worth: $1.3billion

48. Zhong Ming & family, of China – Net worth: $1.3billion 

49. Yuan Jiandong & family, of China – Net worth: $1.1billion 

50. Fan Minhua, of China – Net worth: $1.1billion 

Source: Forbes