QOTD: Coro-nazi Hypocrite List

How long would the list be if we were to start tracking all of the political leaders who stress Corona rules and mandated masks, but doesn’t follow the rules themselves?

I only want a list of those who became corona-nazi’s: Rules for thee, not for me!

  1. Mayor Patrick Brown
  2. “Prime Minister” Justin Trudeau
  3. Nancy Pelosi
  4. “Dr” Fauci
  5. Feinstein… shall I continue?

There’s a reason that these politicians and people in power who are screaming about this wu-flu don’t follow their own rules! Because IT’S NOT AS BAD AS THEY WANT YOU AND I TO BELIEVE! THEY WANT TO KEEP US AFRAID!

Trudeau is screaming that we’re in a second wave, while the Alberta’s Dr Deena Hinshaw (God bless her!) rejects Un-Truedeau’s panic narrative of a second wave. She is a real health expert, unlike Canada’s minister of health whose prior profession was a “graphic designer”… I wish Dr. Hinshaw would just be honest and state the obvious that this virus – like the flu, cold, and many other viruses will likely never go away. Those with brains have already come to terms with it. The honest health professionals and honest politicians (if there is such a thing) need to get this word out for us.

REMINDER: Again, there are MANY politicians, even Andrew Scheer, seen without a mask, but this post is dedicated to the coro-nazi’s only.

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