QOTD: Christmas Liars?

For those of us who are intelligent enough to read and think for ourselves, we know that we are living in a world where lies are being told to us under the pretense that it will make us feel better, or to give us hope.

This may be one of my most controversial posts – more controversial than my stance against BLM – and even more controversial than my preference for someone who recovered from covid to spit in my mouth rather than get the antibodies from a poisonous vaccine!

So, my question of the day is, why would you as a parent lie to your kids that a fake character named Santa exists? A lie is a lie, right? Why would you work your hard earned cash, just to give credit where it is not due? Why would you allow your child to think that this character was the one who determined whether they were naughty or nice for that year? Don’t you see greater value in showing your kids that YOUR hours away from them at your job/career gave you the pay cheque that allowed you to provide a gift(s) for them?

What is the value of lying so boldly to your child(ren)? Is there not another way to give a child hope? Is there no other way to have fun during the Christmas season? Isn’t this the perfect opportunity to teach them the value of ambition and that hard work = reward? Is there no better area to place an emphasis on such as a family meal and valuable time spent together? Isn’t PRESENCE more important than PRESENTS?….

I guess I’m being Grinchy because of all the lying we’ve seen – especially lately – from our politicians and so many people around the world with this exaggerated virus. Lying day after day to control us and divide us into who is being naughty (aka mask-less) or nice (aka compliant).

Maybe it’s time to look at all the lies that we are in control of in our lives and set them straight, once and for all.

Here, let me give you an idea:
“No, Little Timmy, there is no Santa. I took money out of my $450 per week CRB deposit to get you that thing you really wanted. So happy you like it! Maybe, don’t spoil it for your friends… Let their parents break it to them themselves – because we all have the freedom to teach our kids whatsoever we choose to. But you’re a big kid now!”

Trust me, the kid could care less who bought the gift, they are just happy to get what they wanted! Period.

Let us speak the truth in all things, no matter what. Let’s start with Santa. Why give credit to someone or something else when you have the opportunity to show your child work ethic and reality.

Don’t be mad at me! Lol!

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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