QOTD: Caring About Masks & Wishing Trump Dies…?

So, we should wear masks because we should care about everyone?

The mask isn’t for you,” I keep hearing, “It shows you care for the health and well-being of your fellow man…

Meanwhile, I hear a co-worker (whom I always considered to be a loving elder) say that she hope Trump dies… The same people using the “love” narrative for forced compliance are the same ones that have absolutely NO COMPASSION for the life of someone else – someone who they don’t even know personally.

Donald, please let us know if you punched their baby and kicked their puppy why they hate you so much!

Get well soon. I’m praying for the entire world – but not for the coronavirus, for the sick that is inflicting the hearts of these mindless, hating zombies. Dear Lord, please melt the ice from their hearts.

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