QOTD: Can You Spot the Difference?

Un-Truedeau wants to suddenly come out against peaceful protests. He and the media are getting desperate due to the uprising that is being seen across Canada. To further divide us, they want to make it sound as if the gatherings and rallies are what’s going to delay our return to “normal.” For the headline-reading lemmings, this is the media’s signal for them to begin fighting the freedom fighters and blaming rally-goers.

In today’s address, I couldn’t help but to laugh at Un-Truedeau’s blatant hypocrisy. I hope all Canadians can see through this. Can YOU spot the difference?

NO! This gathering MUST be stopped! IMMEDIATELY! Super-spreaders!!!
Oh, that’s better! This gathering is fine! Carry on, please 🙂 Feel free to destroy property, should you so desire 🙂

Did you spot the difference?

When we were in the HEIGHT of fear and the unknown, rallies were OK – ONLY IF it had BLM signs, virtue signaling and as long as the Liberal/socialist/communists said it was ok.

NOW, we are over a year in this mess, with CLEAR evidence that convid is on par with the seasonal flu and is NOT a death sentence, yet NOW this tyrannical fool wants to speak against peaceful rallies… But no problem kneeling at a time when he should have been leading…

DENSLY CROWDED RALLY. With or without masks, if you’re truly in a “pandemic” this would be the last thing a true leader would have allowed…
Be sure to sprinkle some extra negroes in the photo op to ensure you look less racist. Maybe our Black Lives will forget about your Black-face.