QOTD: Can You Believe Your Eyes & Ears?

Do you download, video-record, or screenshot politicians just so you can have receipts for the future?

I just started a new trend of taking my video camera and documenting youtube clips, documents, news broadcasts…basically anything that can be digitally altered or struck from the record.

Trudeau spend MINUTES – plural – on talking about the Great Reset, then wants to turn around and pretend it’s some conspiracy theory. HE SAID IT! Now *WE* are crazy?!…

It’s kind of like Cuomo of New York claiming that he never sent covid positive elderly back into the nursing homes which ultimately infected many and caused a surge in New York. But the big tech and big media companies are trying to erase the past and create an alternate reality. It’s like George Orwell’s 1984 happening before our very eyes. If it weren’t for people who have screenshots and downloads, maybe they would get away with their denial.

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