QOTD: Blocking a BLM Protest?

If Black Lives Matter (BLM) was having a protest in Calgary streets and a group of people decided to block their path so they were unable to march down the route that they have been taking for almost 2 years, what do you think would happen to those opposed to the black lives matter protest?

I already know! First of all, every mainstream media outlet would be in full force to condemn those who bloced the path. Those counter protesters would ALL be classified as racist, white supremacist (regardless of their colour) and I wouldn’t be surprised if the police arrested or forced the counter-protesters to move out of the way.

Well, we have been peacefully marching for almost 2 years now. The lemmings just realized that we are gaining momentum and are now loathing our freedom movement. They blocked our rally today with the intent of gaining the upper hand. All they did was redirect THOUSANDS of people to have to go through residential areas – resulting in better exposure for us! Their MISSION: FAILED.

Everything always works together for the good. I believe that. Their objective failed because we were able to reach more people AND GAIN BETTER VISIBILITY down a street we’ve never been; full of apartments and on-lookers.

That said, who else is tired of the double standard?

BLM/Antifa – Violence, topple statutes, threaten = GOOD
Peaceful, multiculural, diverse, respectful = BAD (fringe minority)

What a backwards world we live in 🙁