QOTD: Blacks Upset At Being “Tokenized”?

TRIGGER WARNING: Remember, I am a black woman writing these posts (Race Card: ACTIVATED!)

Politicians, white liberals and ignorant “people of color” create an environment to increase black supremacy, but now black people are upset when they find out that they are simply employed as a show, a virtue signal, a token?
You’re upset when you realize you’re only there for quota – for extra points in the name of wokeness?
You’re upset of the conditions that YOU helped to create by crying out “RACIST!” to anyone who doesn’t agree with you?
You’re upset that your skin colour is merely a symbol that says “look, we’re not racist! We have a negro in our midst!”?
You’re upset to be “tokenized”?

ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU WANTED – TO BE MADE SPECIAL BECAUSE OF YOUR SKIN COLOUR?! To be elevated because of your marginalization or disenfranchisement?

No. Now you want to complain...

Ok, so here’s the background to my rant… I came across an article about a black Liberal politician, hating on Trudeau – so my interest was piqued. After reading further, I realized that a main complaint was being tokenized. Now, I have NOT read her book, so my opinion is limited, but I read the Vice news article and that was enough for me! You can look further into her book. He name is Celina Caesar-Chavannes. I think it may be a waste of a read, and complaining about conditions that she is helping the liberals and “woke” white people to perpetuate! But, just re-read my questions above. How in the WORLD are you going to complain about the very conditions you’ve promoted.

I’m sick of these negroes, and I hope that this lesson helps her to see it from an alternate perspective – that we need to operate as HUMAN BEINGS (Peoplekind) and base our abilities on PERFORMANCE rather than gender or colour!

WOW! What a revolutionary idea – to judge someone by the CONTENT of their CHARACTER instead of the colour of their skin…

Happy “black history” month! *eye roll*