QOTD: Blacks & POC are DOGS?

What do you say to a dog so that it will attack? SIC ‘EM!!! Right?

The powers that be don’t like the FREEDOM demonstrations that are taking place in Calgary and Edmonton and growing across our province and country. So, what do they do? They accuse the group of being white supremacists. *Facepalm*

Why would they do that, you may ask yourself? What does the colour of ones skin have to do with marching against lockdowns? The answer is NOTHING! Well, it’s not supposed to have any relevance, but our politicians specialize in using the DIVIDE AND CONQUER method!

Politicians and elites like to use EMOTION/FEAR dynamic duo as their primary weapon. They use skin colour + an accusation of racism to sick the group of mindless (and some financially funded agent provocateurs) to show up at perfectly peaceful, multicultural freedom walks. They want to cast FEAR on the crowd – a deterrent for many who understandably don’t want to be associated with being racist. They know that those accusations will keep a high percent of well-meaning people at home – afraid of potential conflict.

I can say this with ease because I (a black person) have been attending the walks for freedom for months now! I used to attend every saturday. It has now shifted to Sunday, but I don’t think that there is a missing demographic that makes up the FREEDOM rally. I see beautiful families with their children and people of all ages and shades, and we walk and have a great time with the helpful police presence!

The only hate happens to be coming from the ones who claim to be the ones who hate hate the most by using hate against the non-hateful… (May have to re-write that later.)

Walk for Freedom Group: All races, ages, genders, nations walk for freedom and against restrictions.

PHARMA + ELITES: Oh no, these protests are getting bigger! How do we stop this?! People are going to start asking questions! Fear will start wearing off!!!!

POLITICIANS: Calm down! Let’s just call them racist white supremacists!

PHARMA + ELITES: Ok! Good idea! So, we’ll use EMOTION to trigger the ideologically driven liberal zombies??

POLITICIANS: You got it! We also need to ensure that people think they’re anti-maskers! Let me call the gov’t funded media to get the message out! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the viewers don’t realize that they’re really marching for freedom and truth for everyone! THEME: White-spremacist, anti-maskers!

GLOBAL/CBC/CTV: Tonight, outrage in Alberta as a group of white supremacists march in our streets! Outrage from Doctor Defund-the-Police Nenshi @ 6 oclock!

Politicians, Elites, MSM: Ok, darkies! Time to get riled up! SIC ‘EM!!!!!

ZOMBIES: Counter protest time!!! “Black lives matter! We hate white people! Even though most of us are white! We still hate white people, because we hate racists! We hate people who hate other people because of their skin colour! You racist white supremacist nazi!”

95% of white liberals who know who George Floyd is, have no idea who David Dorn or Victor Cazares Jr, or countless other black or brown people who were killed in the name of BLM protests – but let’s not confuse them with the facts…