QOTD: 30 Day Challenge To Liberals

If you consider yourself a Liberal, would you be willing to take a 30 day challenge where you watch an alternate news source and entertain conservative discourse? For only 30 days, would you be willing to try that?

If you answered yes, then you’re probably not truly a liberal/progressive.
Sorry! I don’t mean to offend you – especially if you are a liberal and thinking of proving me (and/or every conservative) wrong!

Here are the rules:

  1. You must enter into the 30 days open-minded and ready to face your own bias
  2. No headline-reading allowed of any kind! Full article-reading ONLY
  3. Must research data from at least 3 sources before speaking about it
  4. If you feel uncomfortable or unable to answer a question, you must continue to discuss it until you find an answer or engage in discourse until you can understand the perspective of the other person
  5. By the end, you must CLEARLY and COHERENTLY be able to explain your position on any/every argument using LOGIC and FACTS

Alright, GO!

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