QOTD: 2 Weeks Stop & Curfew? WHY?!

How long do you think it will take for this 2 week curfew to be EXTENDED or re-enforced?

I’m guessing the 2 week curfew will be forced upon us at least 3 times between now and spring.

I hear Kenney and Hinshaw saying they’re in fear of overwhelming the ICU’s. Miraculously, the number of ICU beds have been reduced, but that does not match the # of beds according to the Gov’t of Alberta website… “73% of 70 ICU beds“? (Fast forward to 24:11 in the youtube video.) Ummm… Maybe the Alberta website needs to be updated… I found the reports today (Nov 12, 2020).

43 people are in intensive care…and there are 295 ICU beds…

I’m praying that Jason Kenney looks at Sweden and the Danish mask studies and becomes the LEADER in ALL OF CANADA to reject the FORCED mandates on Albertans.

One death is one too many, but you have a higher chance of winning the lottery than dying if you contract covid.

Aren’t you tired of being told how many people have covid, but they don’t want to tell us that most people are asymptomatic or has a little runny nose, or the feeling of a regular flu!

They scare us with the anomalies!
FEAR so that we will OBEY

I’m almost at the point of total anarchy, and the protests I’ve attended is a great indication of the climate. We have had ENOUGH!

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