QOTD: 1 Slave Master vs. 100 Slaves; WHO WINS?

What would our country look like if we ALL stood up against the handful of politicians trying to control us? What if we said, “NO, we’re not going to wear the mask anymore!”? If everyone decided to NO LONGER COMPLY, what would/could they do?

Imagine, all the slaves under the subjection of 1 or 2 men. The slaves are too afraid to see the power they had, that’s how they remained enslaved for over 400 years in the South…

This is why I will NEVER give up my Charter of Rights and Freedoms by WALKING FOR THEM! As flimsy as the “Charter” is, it’s better than sitting at home and praying for a corrupt gov’t system to “save” us. We must stand and show that our future is worth saving.

City Hall WALK FOR FREEDOM in the beautiful Calgary, Alberta (It’s a PRO-FREEDOM *not* anti-mask)
Respect to the Calgary Police Service. After doctor Nenshi was positioned to defund them, they’re still out here, regardless of the disrespect. THANK YOU, OFFICERS.

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