Mine to Control: Intro

You must be wondering what the title of my blog means. Well, after years of debates and arguments with friends, family, and Joe Schmoe from the corner store, I realized that most people are more interested with being part of a winning team rather than finding truth.

Whether you like to play a sport or prefer to watch a sport, you likely tend to want one team (or person) to win instead of the other. I don’t know of anyone who watches football on a weekly basis but doesn’t ever care which team wins. If you know such a person, or that person is you, then you are an anomaly (a.k.a. you’re a weirdo. Just sayin’.).

That brings me the topic of political teams. When discussing politics, I began to notice something very alarming with those I disagreed with. Common sense and simple logic was being sacrificed on their altar of wanting to be on the winning team.

To give you an example, I was having a heated exchange with a relative. Back in the 70’s, she held high-ranking positions in anti-racism protests and feminist movements. She spent hundreds of hours of her life volunteering and shedding light on the various acts of racism and advocating for the black community. The weeks leading up to the 2019 Canadian election, we were discussing the breaking news of Justin Trudeau’s black-face revelation. As I expressed my disgust with his actions, my relative – who spent decades fighting against these displays of racism – chalked it up as a “mistake of his youth.” So, wait one second… She spent the majority of her lifetime screaming at the top of her lungs against behaviors such as black-face, but Trudeau gets a pass?! Wait. What?! In the next breath, she called the Premiere of Alberta racist because she said, “He didn’t know who Martin Luther King was!” I didn’t even have time to fact-check her statement, because all I could think about was “not knowing who someone is is more racist than several displays of black-face?!” Is she hearing the words that are coming out of her own mouth?…

After an hour of enduring the personification of cognitive dissonance, I realized that my relative’s allegiance was to a team – team Liberal. All those years of activism collided with a harsh reality that maybe, just maybe her team is wrong and should lose a point from the game. When faced with the thought of possibly losing the game, all logic was thrown to the dogs… In her mind, she quickly washed Justin’s face and blamed Andrew Scheer’s cheek dimples as being the reason she couldn’t vote Conservative. Yes, you read that right – he just had a look she didn’t trust and I guess the cheek dimples (not racist black-face make-up) gave her a ‘bad feeling’ about Scheer. And don’t even get me started on her views of Donald Trump. Trudeau is not racist, but Trump is. Go figure. *Facepalm*

After years of pent-up frustration and mind-numbing, logic-void conversations, here I am.

So, in my blogs, I will be sharing my mind. I write without fear of hurting feelings. It is these hurt feelings that may ultimately bring this world to a standstill. The only “safe space” is within your self. You are in control of what you hear, what you feel, how you think, the content you choose to watch and read. But the only way to avoid becoming a sheep that is disconnected from reality is to keep control of your own mind. Read opposing views. Ask questions. If you feel offended, try to un-pack why your feelings are hurt and where your bias may be coming from.

The media is ruled by headlines. The masterminds behind the headlines are trying to influence us. They rely on people being stupid enough to only read and regurgitate those headlines. They literally bank on it. I am tired of intellectually lazy headline-readers controlling the narrative and planting seeds of foolishness that spreads like wildfire. If you don’t like to read, and prefer to mindlessly stick to mainstream narrative, then this blog is not for you.

Thanks for making it this far. Looking forward to waking up the world with you!

Your mind is yours to control.
My mind is mine to control.


  1. I agree totally,

    Being on the winning team is a great motivator. It requires very little action or thought but provides the endorphins needed to buy in to the ‘winning’ narrative. Western culture has proven very brand conscious to the point of religious attention to the marketing of said brand. Kids shoot each other for the right types of Nike. Political parties actually have brand managers on their payroll. People will vote for the brand that makes them feel virtuous. I fell into the ‘anything but’ trap and voted for the NDP brand to protest against the tainted PC brand. The NDP brand appealed more and I even convinced my daughters to vote same. Ouch! I then campaigned for the UCP brand to atone for my previous sin. And here we are. It would seem that all political parties are now operating under the Globalist NWO brand. It’s clear, to me, that we, the people, need to act outside of the political, federalist realm. But how?


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