Jason Kenney & UCP May Have Lost My Vote

As the “plan-demic” progressed, I continually applauded Mr. Kenney for seemingly taking a more logical approach. I celebrated that we had the best, wisest and smartest leadership in the entire country! I beat my chest as a proud Albertan! Yes! Conservatism wins!

As I was reading through my Instagram account, a commenter said that Kenney will throw us into a lockdown. NO WAY! Not our wonderful Premiere. I gave that person (peoplekind) a piece of my mind – the keyboard warrior I am.


I was fooled into believing that he would be the outlier – like Sweden, or other countries and states that decided to take a lighter approach.

Growing up as a black person in a Liberal household, Jason Kenney was the FIRST time I ever voted Conservative. I was also FINALLY able to convince some staunch Liberal family members that UCP was the way to go! “Jason Kenney is all about freedom of choice,” I said. “Doug Ford is a traitor, but Kenney will follow science!”

Fast forward to January 2021… a year later. Lockdowns, restrictions, mandates…and the “cases” KEEP GOING BACK UP, while the goal post is constantly being moved.

Are we trying to make covid extinct? Do we expect that no one will ever have the flu again? What is the objective? Is that realistic?

Now, as I look at the prospect of a federal election this year, I realize how diligently I am seeking a party that represents FREEDOM. Is it the Wild Rose? Is it the PPC with Maxime?

It hurts to think that it may split the vote. But would I rather have 4 more years of a traitor, who I expect the worst from, or do I vote Conservative and risk being disappointed when they do the same to us that Trudeau would have done?

I expect a crappy tasting burger from McDonalds, but it’s a shock to bite into a disgusting burger from the Bistro. If it’s all crap, might as well pay for the cheaper one… Probably not the best analogy – but I guess what I’m trying to say is that (at this moment as I type) I would rather risk splitting the vote than voting O’Toole, only to get more of Trudeau. I would rather not vote than to vote for O’Toole and he hands the last strand of life that Canada/Chinada is hanging on to over to the elites.

Well, this is all my thoughts RIGHT NOW. As we know, so many things can change in such a short amount of time. Like, who would have thought that I’d be unable to use my Parler account, Struggle with the intermittency of Gab, and helplessly looking for Trump’s hail Mary?…

What a time to be alive.