I will not be watching or listening to any news or social media at all for the entire day of Wednesday, January 6th. I don’t want to re-live the feeling of Nov 4th, post-election mayhem! I don’t want to live through the stress of the senate stuff..

I pray in agreement with every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for everyone who will be stepping out tomorrow in various demonstrations. I pray that they will all be peaceful. I pray against the agent-provocateurs that may try to stir up discord. I pray that God send his angels to have full charge over everyone who is peacefully assembled. I pray for VICTORY. I pray that NO WEAPONS FORMED will prosper.

I pray for Donald Trump, his family, his lawyers, all his surroundings, all the politicians who support him, all the people who gave their testimony to the fraud, all the people who are helping to uncover it…please, God, keep them all safe from physical harm. They are only searching to uncover the truth.

I am posting today, Jan 5, and will re-surface on the 7th (God spare) and praying for victory and truth revealed and the re-instating of the true and rightful president, Donald J. Trump. All this I pray, if it’s God’s will.

In Jesus name. Amen.


*Ps. If amazing news is happening, then email me and let me know – THEN I will tune in. MINETOCONTROL@PROTONMAIL.COM

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