I’m Back! Trudeau Was Close By

Happy New Year! Hoping for an awesome 2023. I am back in full effect and will do better at posting – that is my goal for this year anyways.

Where was I, you ask? Oh, just jammin’ in JAMAICA <3

It was amazing. My only complaint was knowing that Just-in Blackface was somewhere in the vicinity. The hypocrite was vacationing in my mother’s country while at the same time, the gov’t of Canada issued a travel advisory

Needless to say that my loved ones and I returned safely and without a hitch. We travelled from one side of the country (Montego Bay) to the other (Portmore/Spanish Town) without a hitch.

Anyways, other than the stench of Turdeau, we had an amazing time!

Happy 2023! Look out for more posts! Goal: at least 1 per week