I Don’t See Colour

Question for Mine:
“How do you feel about white people who say they don’t see colour?

I’ve heard many white people try to distance themselves from racism by using this statement. I feel that the recent era of sensitivity and being easily offended has caused many white people to be afraid to say the wrong thing to a “person of colour.”

The people who are pushing this “newspeak” would like to make sure we remain divided. It was perfectly crafted to keep us from understanding and relating to each other. Mission: Accomplished!

I think that the white person who uses this saying is usually well-intended, and coming from a good place of simply wanting to avoid offence. I believe they’re trying to show that they’re “inclusive” and proclaim that they see everyone as all the same.

This is a dangerous statement, however – not just because they are claiming that they literally do to see what is CLEARLY before their very eyes – but this is mostly dangerous because this person is being trained to believe a blatant lie. If you are looking at me, that means you see that my skin is dark; It means you see that my eyes are brown; It means that you see the colour of the shirt I’m wearing.

Please. If you are guilty of making such an intellectually dishonest statement like this, stop it. Stop it right now. Unless you are actually blind, or you “identify” as a uni-vision shade, then stop lying to yourself. And, for the love of breathing, please stop trying to appear to NOT be something that you’re already not!

If you’re not racist, then who cares if you ask someone where they’re from, or comment on their beautiful glowing skin and cool hairstyle. It’s NOT a ‘micro-aggression.’ It’s called curiosity.

If you shot with an ignorant snap at your well-intentioned engagement, consider it a blessed sign – because it will show you who the snowflakes and mentally ill truly are.

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