Mar 09, 2021 EDITION

In a world where we are constantly overwhelmed with information, it’s easy to ‘squirrel out’ and move onto the next thing. Our society is so “on demand” that it is virtually impossible to pay attention to a story for more than a couple days.

While you were keeping up with the BLM/Antifa accusations of white supremacy and covid distractions, I began to think of the major news stories that I know they would want us to forget.

Every now and then, to keep the thought alive, I’m going to list the top 5 topics that seemed to have disappeared in the sludge of information saturation.

Here are my top Five Alive.


  1. The regular “seasonal flu”?
  2. Justin Trudeau: Ethics violation results & investigation of travel over Christmas
  3. Jeffrey Epstein’s flight log and pedo friends
  4. State Farm Arena footage of white van dropping off boxes of ballots after hours
  5. Tiffany Pontes Dover (She still has not spoken with her OWN MOUTH that she’s ok. You can’t “debunk” a rumour if we have yet to hear from the person that the rumour is about… Wasn’t she due for a 2nd dose? Where is Tiffany?)