TheRona: Makin Psychos Out of Us All

(Let me first say that my heart goes out to those who have lost their life with this flu and my prayers are with all the loved ones they left behind in mourning.)

I have not had the virus – as far as I know… I just want to take a moment and speak to the vast majority of us who have not yet been sick since this pan(ic)demic started.

Have you had a runny nose?
Have you had a sudden itch or pain in your throat?
Did you feel a tingle in your chest that you don’t ever remember having before?
Did any or all of the above happen – and your next thought was, “Oh, Lord! I might have The Rona! I don’t wanna die!!! You too, huh? Phew! Ok! I’m not alone!

Well, I know that the first time any of these symptoms appear, it will be nerve-wracking – and I’m speaking from experience! As the “shopper” in my household, I am responsible for getting all the groceries. At the height of the pan(ic)demic, I remember running to Costco (without a mask and gloves). When I returned home with the groceries, I opened the trunk and started wiping off all the packaged food. Suddenly, I felt a twitch in my sinuses, then a tickle in my nostril, followed by the the warmth of a droplet of liquid rolling out of my nostril. It rested in the crease of my nose and dispersing itself generously across my upper lip. My heart leapt and my mind began to race! Do I have the flu?! Where could I have gotten it from?! I didn’t go near anyone! I went through the self check-out! Did someone sneeze in that isle before I arrived?! Did I not sanitize the cart handle well enough? I know I didn’t touch my face, but did I lick my lips, maybe?! Where did I go yesterday?! Maybe it was the package in the mail! Was it shipped from China?!… These thoughts raged for what felt like hours!
I ran in the house, washed my hands, took the hottest shower I could bear, then came down to have a cup of boiled water and vitamins. But anyone who knows me knows that I have a short attention span. I totally forgot and became fully immersed in the political discussion of the day. That was that…

I’d be lying if I said that this panic didn’t happen several more times since – it did, but I realized that it was just my body doing what it’s supposed to be doing – and what it likely has always been doing without me noticing – until now, of course! It’s like buying a new car; Pretend you purchase a beautiful Audi that you feel is rare and don’t remember seeing many of. After you buy it, it seems like every other car on the highway is the same as yours! It’s the same deal with this pan(ic)demic! Your muscles always hurt the day after lifting weights, but this time, you think it’s your lungs that are aching, and what if it’s corona, right?! Or, it’s allergy season and you’re sneezing and your throat is scratching, but, OMGosh, it must be the Rona!

As serious as this is, I hope I’ve made you smile. Don’t lie, you’ve been there – I know I’m not alone in this! I can’t be! I want you to know that the most important thing we can do right now is share your experiences, so that you know you’re not alone.

I was being light-hearted, but I want to use the remainder of this post to help you see something more clearly. It’s about to get heavy, but knowledge is power. 5 more minutes;

See, what we are being told is that we need to overhaul our lives until we are fully rid of this virus. The fact is that we are going to get sick again. Yes. We are. Sorry, but it’s inevitable. As long as humans are ‘human-ing,’ we will never fully rid our world of any cold or flu. The only way I can see us stopping all colds and flu viruses is with worldwide quarantine for an extended period of time with every living soul in TOTAL lock-down at the same time. The only thing moving should be the earth’s rotation! (Oh! And also the scientific labs should be banned from mucking around!) Stopping life is impossible!

For those of you who have had this virus and have experienced it as the worst flu of your life, I’m sorry you went through that unnecessarily. Yes, I said unnecessarily, because I believe that our tax dollars are funding these labs that fiddle around with these deadly viruses that are eventually released into the population. Whether this was all done intentionally or accidentally, we can only speculate and follow the money.

Now, let’s talk about why a whistle-blower’s story isn’t spread across the front page of every newspaper in every corner of the EARTH! Several nurses have told us that people are going into the hospital who do NOT have the virus, but leaving in a body bag. Where is the outrage? There is undercover footage, clear as daylight and begging to be acknowledged by the masses.

According to a whistle-blower nurses account, (and, I summarize) there are covid-negative people who are having panic attacks thinking they may have one of the corona symptoms. The panic attack causes them to have trouble breathing, so they go to the hospital as a precaution. Once admitted into the hospital, they are placed in a room with a covid-positive patient!!! The hospital has access to a covid test where the results come back in as little as a few hours, yet these disgusting hospitals are using the tests where results can take up to 7 days (because these tests are less costly). Naturally, by the time the test result comes back, they are usually negative. Keep in mind, however, that the covid-negative patient has just shared a room with the covid-positive patient for the past few days. These low-life doctors know that they can simply go ahead and send out another round of testing because they know they can expect that the person has now contracted the virus, due to having been exposed to the virus as a result of the shared room. Here’s the real kicker; Even if the second set of results come back negative, according to the nurse in the undercover video, they still move forward with treating the patient as if they have covid and begin using a ventilator! Whether they are covid-positive or negative, as cited by the nurse in the video, the ventilators are killing more people than it’s helping. WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE MAIN NEWS!?

Why are these hospitals doing this? Well, I will leave you to do your research and draw your own conclusion… What I will say is that if there is a “reward system” for classifying patients as covid-positive, it looks to me like there’s an incentive to do just that! Follow the money!
It’s hard for normal people like you and me to fathom, but I suggest you watch the entire video that is linked above – as sickening as it is.

Note: I am not a doctor, and I am not certified to give medical advice, but I do want to remind you that we will never fully terminate the common cold and flu. Your panic attack when your nose starts to run, or your heart palpitations next time you get the inevitable common cold will do more psychological harm if you continue to let the fear-mongering of this flu take control of you.

My remedy: I pretend it’s July 2019 and I ask myself, “What would I have been doing last year at this time? Where would I have been going?” All I know is what I would NOT be doing – worrying about catching a flu! That’s all I know! Then I go out and do everything that I would have been doing pre-pan(ic)demic (and without a mask, mind you).

At the height of this pan(ic)demic, I’ve done groceries and had interactions with people several times per week, and have yet to contract this virus. We (Canadians) were initially told that they don’t work. Yeah, yeah, the idiotic Theresa Tam and her W.H.O. pals flipped the script and changed their mind, but my rule in life is always to take the first round of advice that I hear. No mask, no problem! And there hasn’t been. Perhaps I’m a carrier? Who knows! The W.H.O. doesn’t seem to know… But the one thing I did as precaution was stay away from the sick, the elderly, my momma, and the daily corona news!

My theory is that I’ve been healthy because I have always been a clean-freak with a good immune system. The clean-freak part of me already constantly washed my hands and never touched door handles. I didn’t need a pandemic to be clean. The good immune system comes from taking vitamins, minerals, eating well, exercising, and NOT pumping my body with yearly guessing-game flu vaccines. (According to CDC.Gov, “The seasonal flu vaccine protects against the influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common during the upcoming season.”) Are they clairvoyant? Do they have a crystal ball? Time and time again, they predict a certain strain that turns out to be wrong. If it’s so great, why do you have to take it EVERY YEAR?… Anyways, we’ll have the “vaccine/flu shot” conversation at another time.

Ultimately, it’s my body to control. I have the right to choose what I put into it, from food to pharmaceuticals. I’ll continue to let my body do what it was created to do – fight viruses.

Imagine being an avid body-builder for most of your life, then suddenly you are told you have to STOP lifting weights and lay in bed for 2 months; How do you think your body would react? Exactly. Enough said! Your immune system has been working your entire life – it’s counter-intuitive (unless you have a compromised immune system, or you are elderly) to stop living your life because of a flu that you have over 98% of SURVIVING – just like all the other flu’s you’ve already had. Yes, maybe this is a different strain, but the death toll isn’t higher. We have to ask ourselves who benefits from all of this and follow the money. The Gates Foundation, The WHO, everyone attached to them. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Once upon a time, we had the flu, and the only thing we thought about was what we’re going to do in a few days when we’re feeling better – now we are afraid of dying. This is what ‘they‘ wanted. Their mission is accomplished! But my mission to keep you informed is JUST GETTING STARTED…

Your mind is yours to control.
My mind is mine to control.