BLACKS Against Black Lives Matter (BLM)

It seems as if there’s chaos in every direction I turn. We’re being told that black lives matter. We’re being told that it’s wrong or racist to say that all lives matter, or blue lives matter. I know you’ve been bombarded with opinions, but just walk with me for a few minutes. I may not say what you want to hear, but I promise to share a voice that I wish I had heard earlier on when this mayhem erupted.

Here are my thoughts on what I’ve seen with this movement thus far:

First of all, raise your hand if you’ve become sick of listening to the radio and hearing any form of news since the word “coronavirus” became a new word in your vocabulary! (Both of my hands are in the air!)

The panic that is still constantly being injected into my emotional space became wayyy too much to endure. If it wasn’t on constant rotation in the media, then it was my family and friends talking about it. It was the only thing on my mind as I psychotically tucked, rolled and “ninja’d” my way through the grocery store; trying my best not to touch or be touched!

To keep control of my mind, I decided to deliberately dodge every visual and audio news outlet that could plant any seeds of anxiety. Just when I thought I barred the invasion of the panic-demic (as I call it), there came the #blacklivesmatter protests – waltzing in like a whirlwind of organized chaos.

Life began to feel like a sick game of musical chairs; menacing music tormenting us all as we run around in circles – praying for a break to finally sit down on a chair. As we anticipate the sudden stoppage of the music, and a chance to catch our breath, we’re still all faced with the terrifying fear of the chairs themselves. As we desperately begin grasping for the closest chair, will it happens to be a covid chair, a BLM chair, a vaccine chair, a fake noose in your garage chair? Will the chair be full of hand-picked images of blacks being killed by police? Or will we fall to the ground without a chair, but suddenly be overcome by a swarm of murder hornets?!

This may feel like a sudden break in the flow, but unfortunately, before I go any further, I must declare something that should have no relevance, but it has been made obviously clear that all that matters is my hue. My race will give me an imaginary card/license to share what I’m about to share. Keep in mind that my life experience doesn’t matter. My knowledge doesn’t matter. My contributions to society don’t matter. How I treat my neighbour doesn’t matter. Only my blackness matters. Put that in your pocket for a second and let’s travel back to a couple years ago:

I decided to leave the job that I had been working at for almost 2 decades. I wanted to take a year away from the workforce and knew I would begin my search for employment afterwards.  As I had made my rounds bidding adieu to my colleagues, one of them casually gave me what I believe they thought was “encouragement.” She told me that I didn’t need to be afraid of finding a new job since I am black AND a woman. Pregnant pause. Umm, what?! Ok, so, not because I spent half my life giving my all to the company? Not because I successfully climbed the corporate ladder? Not because I was constantly meeting or exceeding company expectations? No – because I’m a black female.

The reason I tell this story is to make it plainly obvious how nonsensical it is to attribute someone’s value with the colour of their skin. Doing so automatically diminishes all the other more valuable attributes of a person.

I can only imagine the look on my face when my co-worker diminished my hard work and contributions and reduced me to being a quota that businesses are looking to fill. This is just a tiny example of what’s wrong with the message that your exterior matters. Your exterior does not matter. Now, I’m not talking about clothing or other attributes that were not present on the day you emerged from your mother’s womb. A slovenly person can take a shower, groom them self and put on fresh clothing if they don’t want to be labelled as a lazy, smelly slob. Your skin colour, however, says absolutely nothing about who you are on the inside.

Most black people are for the message that black lives matter, but are against the fraudulent BLM organization that are trying to play us for a fool. There are more white people in BLM shirts than blacks, because we’re not as stupid as they think we are. The minority of looters and shooters and fools don’t represent the majority of us who see right through this organization’s goal. (Cue the black outrage and white liberals in 3…2….) I can hear them now… ”How dare you say ‘all lives matter.’ Don’t you see how the police have been killing us? Didn’t you see what they did to George Floyd? You’re black! You’re supposed to automatically be a part of this movement! If you’re not with us, you’re a sell out! Bed wench! Uncle Tom! White-washed!” and blah, blah, blah… They expect that all black people need to join in without questioning or looking at the facts.

The fact is that no one can watch the George Floyd video and not have a visceral response. The fact is that it’s hard to see someone die in such a disgusting manner. The fact is that the American Democrats (especially) along with the BLM movement seem to have more incentive to keep the war going than to seek peace. The white politicians I see kneeling in kente cloths are the same politicians that have been in power for longer than I’ve been alive and who were instrumental in creating bills that were most detrimental and oppressive to the black community. Bringing it back home to Canada, we have a Prime Minister who wore black-face on several occasions, but has the gall to kneel at a movement that is supposed to be against the very acts that he was caught in…

In battle, there is always a shield, whether it’s a physical shield, hiding behind tanks, or in a trench. Regardless of the kind of shield that is used, the shield does not guarantee that one will not be hit, but it reduces the severity of the wound. Right now, the war is on freedom. This is a political war. Black people are the literal shield at the forefront of the war, the gun is the United States democrat, the bullets/ammunition is the word “racist,” and the ones pulling the trigger are the white elite puppet-masters. There black “shields” with good intentions that are being used at the forefront. They believe they are doing a good thing, but because they don’t do their research (or they are blinded by wanting to be on “team Liberal”) they will soon find themselves as the casualty of war, with the outcome being that the rich white guys who sat in their palaces watching the war get to reap all the spoils of the “shields” ignorance.

We have all been thrust into this fake “race” war, when we should already have the sense to know that race in itself is a myth.

Black, white, brown, yellow, red and everything in between – the reason why humans of every colour can procreate with one another is because we are all ONE RACE – the human race. Dogs don’t breed with cats because they are two different species; canine and feline. Our outer package comes in a variety of shades. Our culture or religious values may differ, but we are otherwise all the same.

Imagine a racist white police officer demanding a white Lab because he doesn’t want a black German Sheppard police dog.

Imagine a racist farmer only having white cows, or white horses.

Imagine a racist black person with only black or brown cats?

Even sillier, imagine animals ranking their superiority based on the colour of their fur. The animals are smarter than we are.

If it was wrong to make black people sit at the back of the bus, then telling white people that it’s their turn to get to the back of the bus isn’t EQUALITY at all. That brings me to the world of Covid and the topic of vaccines…

Bill and Melinda are riding at the front of the BLM bus for the financial gain! They’re clearly in this to make money, as all capitalists are – nothing new there. BLM is in it because they also get money from the donations. There are much more serious issues that BLM should have posted on their front page that I won’t even start listing! We (black people) are being used for profit. Melinda Gates’ declaration that, after healthcare workers, blacks will be next in line for the vaccine. I would like to know what this ethnic power struggle looks like in an interracial household. When the time comes for vaccines, and the Gates’ (of hell) want to prioritize blacks to get the vaccine first, how is that going to work in the real world? The husband (black) can get the vaccine, but the wife (white) is not yet allowed? Do the kids get the vaccine, or do they only get half the dose because they are only half black? Or let’s say in another household the parent’s (black) has adopted children who are white. So, the parents are allowed to get the vaccine and the children have to get to the back of the bus and wait their turn, right? Oh…ok… Does that make sense to you?!

We’re in a society feigning to push for equality. My (un)common sense and logic tells me that placing one group over another group is not equality at all. Or am I mistaken since reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm…Well, I guess his book was in the ‘fiction’ section after all.

Now that you get the drift, let me give you the conclusion and some homework. But before I do, let’s quickly discuss the event that kicked off this entire new round of race-baiting.

George Floyd.

I was standing in the kitchen when my son ran down to show me the video of a man being arrested. A police officer was sitting knee-first in his neck. I don’t think I watched for more than 30 seconds before I started to shake and feel sick to my stomach! I pushed away my son’s phone and had only 3 questions – Did he die?! What did he do?! Why didn’t the other police officers help?! It didn’t once occur to me that the police officer was white. My outrage came from hearing the bystander begging them to get off while watching the other cops stand around with their brains in the clouds. My son described in graphic detail the outcome of the video since I couldn’t bear to watch or listen to it. My outrage was geared around “why would a police officer kneel on a handcuffed suspect with 3 other officers around to help? If 1 police officer can’t keep a handcuffed man under control, we have bigger issues. I didn’t even think about race until BLM entered in from stage left (pun intended).

Today, there is much more information about George Floyd’s past. I’m not even going to introduce it, because it’s not relevant to my point that black lives obviously DO matter, but the movement was highjacked, turned political, and is now a fraud. GF’s past does not tell me that no police officer should be so poorly trained that they could cut off someone’s ability to breathe and not expect them to die. GF’s past does not tell me anything about the officers who stood by and watched. The only issue that can be raised with the GF case is not a race issue, but a police brutality issue. Not a police defunding issue, but a police training issue. It was a ‘Derek Chauvin is a piece of trash’ issue. If we talk about the bad BLM protesters and say “not all” are bad, then we can assume the same with the officers, and with all areas of society for that matter.

Bringing it back home right here in Canada, we hear of police brutality, but our media is bought and paid for by the liberal government. The only way to hear major opposing views is that you have to listen to Rebel media, True North or subscribe to Blacklocks and the like. It is only then that you can start to sift through and try to use logic to put the puzzle together.

You’re an idiot if the colour of the human’s package determines their worth (this is why blacklivesmatter is idiotic).

You will never see me marching for “Black lives” because I am not a black supremacist.

Homework: Don’t take my word for it, search up the stats of:

  1. BLACKS KILLED BY POLICE: How many blacks are killed by police. Then search how many whites are killed by police
  2. BLM FUNDING: If you were to donate to BLM, search who funds them, and where your money goes to.

Just in case you’re still wondering why I don’t just join the bandwagon and enjoy the ride of this surge in black privilege and the new (temporary) illusion of black supremacy – I won’t – for a simple reason; Pick a message from the BLM movement – any message. Ready? Now, replace the word “black” with the word “white” and tell me if there will be outrage as a result… I think you get my drift. I’m not a hypocrite. I don’t believe in subjectively awarding supremacy/ privilege. Right is right. Wrong is wrong – regardless of the colour of the person that the right or wrong is, was, or is about to be done to. Period.

When did GF’s killing become racial?
The same thing happened to Eric Gardner, but where were the worldwide protests that resulted in deaths and major looting?
Where was the outrage from the United States Democrats back then?
What is different now?
Seriously. Think about it.

Every living life matters.

Your mind is yours to control.
My mind is mine to control.

*Note: I have no affiliation of any kind with any of the news outlets I have referenced above. I do not currently receive any compensation for referencing anyone in my blogs.

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