5 Ways to Solve ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’

  1. OPEN DEBATE: Health ministers and Chief Medical officers must have an open, live, unedited debate with virologists, immunologists, pathologist of an opposing view. There are MANY to choose from! I’d like to see Hinshaw, Shandro, Tam versus Dr. Roger Hodkinson!
  2. SHOW ALL DATA: Show a daily case count of side effects & deaths from the jab. Everyone has easy access to ‘cases’ on a daily basis. Why is it so hard to find how many Canadians died or seriously injured from the jab? At least the U.S. has OPENVAERS. People should be informed on both sides of the issue. Tell us why scientific reports show that naturally acquiring corona is more effective? I quote, “We conclude that memory antibodies selected over time by natural infection have greater potency and breadth than antibodies elicited by vaccination.
  3. STOP CENSORSHIP: Censoring differing opinions only makes people trust the media less. If the gov’t has the best solution, they should be able to easily and openly debunk it. I imagine it is difficult to push a narrative, when you have the inventor of the mRNA technology speaking out. If Dr. Robert Malone is wrong, debate him, don’t erase him.
  4. LIBERTY: Those choosing not to have a medical procedure imposed on them should not be viewed as dangerous or high risk or demonized. When violence and coercion increases, it further leads to skepticism. When have we ever seen such threats and coercion on liberties in the name of a 99.96% survival rate?
  5. HEALTH CARE: True health care means that all options should be displayed and all possible side effects and data should be easily accessible. The saying goes that it’s easier to catch flies with honey. Nowhere in any part of our healthcare system are people threatened to take a treatment. Nowhere. Until now.
    A healthcare system that refuses to mention nutrition, supplements and exercise is VERY suspect… In Canada, over 50,000 people die per year of heart disease. Canada so far has seen 26,926 deaths with this plandemic… At this rate, we would need 4 years of the rona to meet 1 year of cardiac deaths. I’d say the true pandemic is something that kills people at a high rate, no? Well, I’m not an “expert” which is sounding more and more like a compliment as each day passes.

    I’ll say it again! When fried foods, sugar, cigarettes and alcohol are all banned for our health’s sake, that will be the day to trust that the healthcare system and the government truly has our health in mind!

The answer to the hesitancy is HONESTY & TRANSPARENCY, which is possible but not probable – not from any current Canadian ‘leader’ anyways…